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  • M.Sc. Marcelo Menezes Morato,
    Oktober - Dezember 2022, Forschungsaufenthalt als Green Talents Stipendiat des BMBF 
    "Developing a fast LPV MPC algorithm using a structured formalism"


  • Prof. Roland Toth, Department of Electrical Engineering., Eindhoven University of Technology, NL
    Talk at ist/mst Kolloquium: "Nonlinear Tracking and Rejection using Linear Parameter-Varying Control: Pitfalls and Solutions”, Jan. 14, 2020
  • Prof. Dr. Claudio de Persis, Faculty of Science and Engineering,University of Groningen
    Talk at ist/mst Kolloquium: "Formulas for data-driven control: stability, optimality and robustness", Jan. 28, 2020


  • Prof. Alexandre Seuret, LAAS-CNRS, Toulouse, France
    Talk at ist/mst Kolloquium "Bessel Inequality for the Study of Time-Delay and Coupled ODE-PDE Systems", Feb.5, 2019
  • Dr. Matthias Fetzer, Dynamics & Control (SMT-ETMD), ZEISS Semiconductor Manufacturing Technology
    Talk at SimTech Ringvorlesung, "Modellunsicherheiten in der Nano-Welt", June 19,2019
  • Prof. Yoshio Ebihara, Department of Electrical Engineering, Kyoto University, Japan 
    Talk at ist/mst Kolloquium, L1-induced norm analysis of positive systems and its application, Sept. 5,2019


  • Prof. Peter Seiler, Aerospace Engineering and Mechanics,University of Minnesota, MN, USA
    Talk at ist/mst Kolloquium: "Finite Horizon Robustness Analysis of LTV Systems Using Integral Quadratic Constraints", March 20, 2018
  • Prof. Patrizio Colaneri, Department of Electronics, Information and Bioengineering, Politecnico di Milano, Milan, Italy
    Talk at ist/mst Kolloquium "Analysis and Control of Positive Switched Systems: Theory and Applications", May 8,2018
  • Prof. Arjan van der Schaft, Johann Bernoulli Institute for Mathematics and Computer Science University of Groningen, Groningen, Netherlands
    Talk at ist/mst Kolloquium "Stabilization of Optimal Supply-Demand for Power Networks", May 29, 2018
  • Matthieu Barreau, long-term visitor (April to June), LAAS, France


  • Prof. Didier Henrion LAAS-CNRS University of Toulouse, France
    Talk at ist/mst Kolloquium "Linear conic optimization for nonlinear optimal control ", January 17, 2017
  • Prof. Bill Helton , Dept. of Mathematics, University of California San Diego, U.S.A
    Talk at ist/mst Kolloquium "Linear Matrix Inequalities in Matrix Variables", March 28, 2017
  • Prof. Leonid Mirkin, Technion Institute of Technology, Israel
    Talk at ist/mst Kolloquium, "On Minimum-Variance Event-Triggered Control", April 11, 2017
  • Dr. Joaquin Carrasco Gomez, University of Manchester, GB
    Talk at ist/mst Kolloquium, "A Modern Conjecture on Classical Absolute Stability", June 13, 2017


  • Dr. Jochen Rieber, Astrium,
    Talk at SimTech Ringvorlesung, "Scharfe Bilder aus dem All - Dynamik-Simulation und Lage-Regelung in der Satellitentechnik", January 13, 2016
  • Dr. Goele Pipeleers, KU Leuven, March 17, 2016
  • Prof. Dimitri Peaucelle, CNRS Toulouse
    Talk at ist/mst Kolloquium "Robust Observed-State Feedback Design for Discrete-Time Systems Rational in the Uncertainties", May 10, 2016
  • Prof. Paolo Rapisarda, University of Southhampton
    Talk at ist /mst Kolloquium "From Data to State Model via Duality", May 31, 2016
  • Sophie Haesaert, TU Delft, June 23, 2016


  • Prof. Paula Rocha Malonek, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering,University of Porto, Portugal
    Talk at ist/mst Kolloquium "A glimpse into multidimensional systems theory: Main results and open questions", January 27, 2015
  • Prof. Leonik Mirkin, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering Technion - Israel Institute of Technology, Israel
    Talk at ist/mst Kolloquium, "Distributed control with low-rank coordination", February 3, 2015
  • Dr Corentin, Briat,Department of Biosystems Science and Engineering ETH Zürich,
    Talk at ist/mst Kolloquium "Analysis and Control of LPV Systems using Hybrid Systems Methods", June 9, 2015
  • Prof. Mihai Putinar, Department of Mathematics, University of California at Santa Barbara
    Talk at mst/ist Kolloquium " Matrix positivity preservers in fixed dimension", October 20, 2015



  • Prof. Roy Smith, Automatic Control Laboratory, ETH Zürich, Switzerland
    Talk at ist/mst Kolloquium "Nuclear Norm Methods for frequency domain system identification". April 8, 2014
  • Prof. Herbert Werner, TUHH, Hamburg, Germany
    Talk at ist/mst Kolloquium  "Distributed Control of Interconnected LPV Systems", June 10, 2014
  • Dr. Peter Seiler, University of Minnesota, USA
    Talk at ist/mst Kolloquium "Uncertainty Analysis for Linear Parameter Varying Systems", July 3, 2014


  • Frank Sperling, Philips Innovation Services, Eindhoven, Netherlands,
    Talk at Sim-Tech Lecture "Servotechnologie in der Halbleiterherstellung", January 16, 2013
  • Prof. Roberto Tempo, Politecnico di Torino, Torino, Italy
    Talk at ist/mst-Kolloquium, "Design of Unc. Complex Systems: A Randomization Viewpoint", January 24, 2013
  • Dr. Goele Pipeleers, K.U. Leuven, Leuven, Belgien, long-term visitor February - April, 2013
  • Prof. Roy Smith, ETH Zürich
    Talk at ist/mst-Kolloquium "Nuclear norm methods for frequency domain system identification", October 22, 2013
  • Frank Sperling, Nobleo Technology BV
    Talk at ist/mst Kolloquium, "Precision servo control for Lithographic Systems", November 26, 2013
  • Prof. Bamieh, University of California, Santa Barbara
    Talk at ist/mst Kolloqium; "Fundamental limitations in distributed control of large networks", December 17, 2013


  • Prof. Pierre Apkarian, Institut de Mathematiques, University Paul Sabatier, Toulouse, France,
    Talk at ist/mst-Kolloquium: "Controller structure & non-smooth programming", January 10, 2012
  • Prof. Thanos Antoulas, Rice University, Houston, USA
    Short Course "Model Reduction for Large-Scale Systems: Theory,Numerics and Applications", April 2-5
    Colloquium Presentation " "Recent advances in model reduction of large-scale systems" , April 5, 2012
  • Prof. Franco Blanchini, Universitá di Udine, Italy,
    Talk at ist/mst-Kolloquium: "Lyapunov and invariance methods", April, 24, 2012
  • Dr. Laurent Lessard, Lunds Universiteit, Sweden,
    Talk at ist/mst Kolloquium, "State-space solutions for decentralized control", October 23, 2012
  • Prof. Olivier Sename, Grenoble,
    Talk at ist/mst-Kolloquium, " Some LPV Approaches for Vehicle Dynamics Control", November 20, 2012


  • Prof. Tamás Kevizcky, Delft Center for Systems and Control, Delft University of Technology, NL,
    Talk at ist/mst-Koll.: "Predictive Control of large-scale systems using distributed optimization", May 31, 2011
  • Prof. Fabian Wirth, Insittut für Mathematik, Universität Würzburg,
    Talk at ist/mst-Kolloquium: " Stability of Switched Differential Equations", June 28, 2011
  • Prof. Jan Swevers, K.U. Leuven,
    Talk at ist/mst-Kolloquium: "Pushing motion control systems to their limits using numerical optimization techniques", December  6, 2011
  • Mr. Asier Díaz de Corcuera Martínez, Ikerlan, Spain, long-term visitor March-June 2011
  • Mr. Julien Chausenson, Supelec, France, long-term visitor October2011-March 2012


  • Prof. Geir Dullerud, College of Eng. Willett Faculty Scholar, Univ. of Illinois,
    Talk at ist/mst- Kolloquium, June 18, 2010
  • Prof. Yasuaki Oishi, Nanzan University, Japan,
    Talk at ist/mst-Kolloquium: "Sampled-Data Control with Uncertain Sampling Interval", July 19, 2010
  • Dr. Izumi Masubuchi, Faculty of Engineering, Hiroshima University, Japan
  • Dr. Maxim Kristalny, University of Lund, Sweden,
    Talk at ist/mst-Kolloquium: "Exploiting previewed Information in estimation and control", October 12, 2010


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