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Bernadette Hahn-Rigaud

Prof. Dr.

Chairholder OIP
Dept. of Mathematics, IMNG
Optimization and Inverse Problems


Pfaffenwaldring 57
70569 Stuttgart
Room: 8.164

Office Hours

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Dynamical Inverse Problems

Bildgebende Verfahren

Data Analyis / Datenanalyse und Bildverarbeitung


  1. 2024

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  2. 2023

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    3. M. S. Feinler and B. N. Hahn, Retrospective Motion Correction in Gradient Echo MRI by Explicit Motion Estimation Using Deep CNNs. 2023.
  3. 2022

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  4. 2021

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    2. B. N. Hahn, Motion compensation strategies in tomography, 2021.
  5. 2020

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  12. 2013

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  13. 2012

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Current semester

Current courses can be found on the Teaching Page or directly in Campus.

Previous semesters

Winter term 2022/23:

  • Mathematical image processing
  • associated lecture (PD Dr. Gael Rigaud):
    Masterseminar: Machine Learning meets inverse problems

Summer term 2022:

  • Introduction to Inverse Problems

Winter term 2021/22:

  • Introduction to Optimization
  • associated lecture (PD Dr. Gael Rigaud):
    Masterseminar: Modern Challenges in Image processing and Imaging

Summer term 2021:

  • Mathematical Image Processing
  • Seminar zu Optimierung und inversen Problemen

Winter term 2020/21:

  • Introduction to Optimization
  • Seminar: Medizinische Bildgebung

Sommersemester 2020:

  • Regularization of Inverse problems
    theorie and application
  • Seminar: Sparsity und Compressed Sensing

English to follow

  • Lecture award of the student council (Fachgruppe) for digital teaching (summer term 2020)
  • EAIP Young Scientist Award for distinguished contributions to inverse problems (2018)
  • Highlights of IOP Inverse Problems (2012, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017)
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