July 20, 2020 / Elisabeth Schaettgen

IFAC - Paper Prize Award 2020

Nonlinear Analysis: Hybrid Systems Paper Prize Award 2020 awarded to Tobias Holicki and Carsten Scherer

The article "Stability analysis and output-feedback synthesis of hybrid systems affected by piecewise constant parameters via dynamic resetting scalings" has been selected by the IFAC awards committee to win this triennium’s Nonlinear Analysis: Hybrid Systems Paper Prize.

Being established in 2015, the Nonlinear Analysis: Hybrid Systems Paper Prize is awarded for outstanding contributions to the field of hybrid systems documented in a paper published in the IFAC Journal Nonlinear Analysis: Hybrid Systems. At each IFAC World Congress the prize is awarded to the authors of two selected papers published in the journal in the three years preceding the Congress.The prize funds are provided by the publisher of Nonlinear Analysis: Hybrid Systems Elsevier Ltd.


This image shows Tobias  Holicki
M. Sc.

Tobias Holicki

Research Assistant

This image shows Carsten W.  Scherer
Professor Dr.

Carsten W. Scherer

Head of Institute and Chairholder mst / Erasmus-Coordinator Dep. of Mathematics

[Photo: Uni Stuttgart]

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